Steam ("stake") your Bao


What is $BAO?

$BAO is a heavenly filling produced by steaming ("staking") your Baos in the Kitchen.

$BAO is the utility token of Fortune Friends Club.

What can you do with $BAO?

You can purchase things on our marketplace. This spans from allowlist opportunities, all the way to experiences, physical merch, art and more!

How do you earn $BAO?

1. Steaming ("staking")
Steaming for 24 hours earns you 1 $BAO.

2. Community Games
Community Games will be a weekly chance to earn $BAO. The more you participate, the higher your chances of earning $BAO!

3. Trait Multipliers
Every month, we will announce a specific trait eligible for airdrops.

Buying Items with Bao on our Marketplace

When you purchase things with $BAO on our marketplace, you have to wait until our team fulfils the order to provide further details.

Will transactions require gas?

Staking, unstaking & buying things on the marketplace will cost gas.
You'll find that it's highly optimised, so you'll be paying very little gas.

In future, gas will be partly subsidised & almost free for all transactions.

Do we have a liquidity pool?

Nope. We have no intentions of setting up a Liquidity Pool and are not affiliated with any third party Liquidity Pools.

$BAO tokens do not have any real world value and should not be exchanged for any real world currencies. 1$BAO = 1$BAO